Augmenting Reality of Form-Active Structures

For some time now, light self-supporting structures have been increasingly popular compared to traditional constructions because they require less material consumption and are therefore more economical. On the other hand, the result are aesthetically interesting forms that fit into the contemporary architectural practice. The workshop will consist of two parts – Design of a form-active gridshell structure using a web configurator with preparation for fabrication as the first part and the fabrication of these structures using an augmented reality tool (Smartphone with Fologram application) as the second part. In the first part, a method will be presented in which it is possible to design complex structures, without needing structural knowledge or experience in designing lightweight structures. The second part will present the concept of using augmented reality to speed up the process of assembling complex structures since they visually provide instructions and guidelines for simpler assembly. As a workshop result we expect scaled physical prototypes of gridshell structures.

Author’s biography: Marko Vučić is a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad. His main areas of interest are geometry and digital fabrication. As a member of the Digital Design Center, for years he directed his work towards complex structures, digital design and fabrication using digital tools such as CNC machines and robotics, and he also deals with the field related to form-active gridshell structures in his doctoral dissertation. He is, with his teams, awarded with many awards and honorable mentions for the work with form-active gridshell structures. Some of them are award on Beta City biennale in Timisoara for the FlexiSpot pavilion and an honorable mention for ID pavilion. Also he was the mentor of group which won 1st architectural price on FabFest ’18 with Clumshell pavilion.

Workshop duration: 6 hours

Number of participants: 4

Requirements: Participants should bring their laptops with installed Rhinoceros 3D.